If You Have a Home, You Can Invite People In

oikosIf we’re going to be worship leaders who in turn, raise up worship leaders, there’s something we’re going to have to learn how to do.  We can train them in all the ins and outs of Pro Presenter and chord changes.  We can train them in building a worship song set.  Those are important, but there’s something else we need to give them, which has nothing to do with Sunday mornings.  We need to give them access to our lives.

If you have a house, you can invite people over.  When they’re around you in your home environment, they can see who you really are, what you value and how you relate to family.  If you’re the same person in private that you are in public, you’ll be giving them the gift of seeing that you aren’t putting on some kind of magic show when you’re leading worship.  They’ll start to see how they can do it the way you do it by doing it like you do it!

We had a great time in our back yard last weekend.  We invited our leaders over for a potluck barbecue.  There wasn’t any fancy set up involved, but the place was clean and welcoming.  After a nice time together at dinner, we sat in a circle on the lawn.  We worshiped with a few songs, then shared some God stories (things we’d seen God doing in the past few weeks).  Then we prayed for each in small groups and had dessert.  Pretty low bar stuff.  But our leaders felt welcome and loved, and we were encouraged in Kingdom values.  It was an easy evening to host, and it bore fruit.

There’s something good about opening your home. It’s a higher challenge than meeting at a coffee shop.  We’ve opened up our private lives.  When we’re transparent, we’re modeling a life worth imitating.


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