What Was Going Through My Mind While We Were All Singing Last Night?

Last night, at the Church Without Shoes Maundy Thursday Communion Service, several people asked me about the song we played at the end. It’s called Fiery Love, and is available on my album “Greater Things.”  It was written by Samuel Lane and Daniel Wheeldon. The album was produced by Marc Ford and Chris Lizotte

As I was singing the song, I found my mind drifting to memories of the journey of life since the album was recorded. First, I was in the moment, thankful for my great friends in the band last night. We’re all worship leaders from churches in the area, and we’ve shared the highs and lows of our lives together over the last 10+ years. Some have moved away and others have joined in more recently. When we come together to lead worship, it’s amazing how we share the same heart and purpose.

Next, I was thinking of the journey my family has been on. We finished recording the album in August 2014. In mid-September, I was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma. Over the next few months I had two major surgeries to remove cancer cells, which had travelled into my lymph nodes. Through the work of God’s healing and the incredible doctors and staff at UCSF Mount Zion Hospital in San Francisco, I am now cancer free! As I sang, I thought about our journey, and the journey many of my friends have had with cancer.

Third, I was thinking about my dad. While I was laid up after my second surgery, my dad took a fall in his back yard and ruptured his spleen. He was hospitalized for two months before passing away on March 27, 2015. The first anniversary of his passing is Easter Sunday. I was wondering about how I was going to react to Easter this year.

Finally, there’s this high note I hit the end of the song. I hit it and hold it for a couple of measures. I’m not doing it to show off, it’s reflective of the power, relief, strength and faith I sense in still being here. I have visited the valley of the shadow of death and God has delivered me. I’m still here to be a husband, father, grandfather, friend and leader.

That’s what I was thinking about. Have an awesome Easter.

He is Risen!


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