Change of Direction

Hi friends. A few weeks ago, I had a Pet/CT scan to see if I was still cancer free. A lymph node near my trachea lit up as possibly being malignant. After having it scoped, it was confirmed that it’s a flare up of the esophageal cancer I had a couple of years ago. At this point, it’s limited to the one lymph node, but I will need to have chemo again to treat it. So, there are two good news items:

1. It’s very limited in size

2. It’s treatable.

The bad news is chemo is not a fun experience. I’ll be in treatment for about 4 months. I’d appreciate your prayers for healing. I do believe I’m still here telling you about this because God has answered a lot of healing prayers, along with the brilliant and compassionate work of the team at UCSF. I’m going to be using my music blog as a place to tell the story of the journey we’ve been through in the past four years. I’ll break it up into smaller posts and share some insights Linda and I have had along the way.

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